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Real-time live blogging

In live blogging speed is everything. Live Center supports true real-time, as in zero-second delay, publishing of posts to up to hundreds of thousands of concurrent readers.


Embed anywhere, on any website

Articles, portals, frontpages: Live Center can be embedded anywhere, on any website. Creating a blog takes just three easy steps :

  1. Name your blog 
  2. Copy code
  3. Embed on your website


Unlimited blogs, journalist, and readers

With Live Center Professional you get no cap on blogs or journalists users, making it the perfect live blog platform for large scale live blogging.

For Enterprise live blogging, our enterprise plan is completely unlimited with no caps on concurrent real-time blog readers


Create custom post visuals and elements

Quickly and easily create your own custom sport scoreboards, financial market panels, election counters, etc. directly in posts. Interactive real-time elements can be embedded inline in posts to further increase reader engagement. 


Add interactive graphs and charts directly in the editor

Live Center allows users to create graphs and charts directly in the editor and publish these together with text and media inside posts. Graphs can be created to communicate and summarize any type of information and can be created either by quickly typing in data, or by importing it from an excel spreadsheet.


Fully customizable blog design

Don't let your Live Blog layout be limited to just a few templates. Live Center gives you full flexibility to design your blog to perfectly match your website.


Intuitive editor with real-time preview

Developed in collaboration with journalists from Dagens Næringsliv, Live Center's editor is intuitive, user-friendly, built specifically to allow mobile publishing direcly from live events.

Additionallly, real-time preview of post allows you to instantely see how posts turn out,  eliminating any surprises when you hit publish.


Live blog overview dashboard

Provide your readers with a summary of the most covered topics in your live blog and highlights the most important posts in a dashboard view. A Dashboard allows your readers to quickly get up to speed on:

  • What were the key & most important events?
  • Which topics received the most coverage ?
  • When did these key topics take place ?

User comments - engagement with your readers

Attract and engage readers by collecting comments directly in your live blog. Moderate, reply, and publish your replies to your audience in seconds through 3 easy steps:

  1. Collect comments 
  2. Moderate by approving or deleting comments
  3. Reply & publish

Live Center supports collaboration between users by allowing both fast quick publishing of comments as well as an intermediate approval step to help moderate incoming comments, perfect for large-scale enterprise live blogs.

Embed any social media content

Increase your traffic and reader engagement by including Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, and other media content in your live blogging. Simply copy the URL and past it into the editor and it is live! 


Embed ads to monetize your coverage

Live blogs often enjoy higher traffic than other pages. Capitalize on this and grow your revenue by including ads in your live blog feed. Both native and remote ads can easily be included in posts with just a few clicks.

SaaS or Dedicated hosting 

Choose between a shared infrastructure or dedicated hosting of your live blogs. 

API for CMS and App integration

The Live Center API allows you to use your existing CMS, but also retrive channels and posts from Live Center to reuse elsewhere on your website.

Publishing on multiple platforms? No problem, Live Center supports integration with any native app to allow seamless integration across your offering.

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